Posted Jun 23rd, 2015 (6:10 pm) by James Hughes
The Chainsmokers Sit Down And Play "Would You Rather" At Firefly
Image by Bethany Rees/DOLA Photography

Live at Firefly Music Festival I got the chance to sit down with The Chainsmokers (Alex Pall and Drew Taggart) to talk influences, their remix heavy catalog, as well as play a quick game of "would you rather" and pick 'em.

Firstly, how do you like your Eggs?
Drew: Scrambled, but I don’t like eggs to be honest

Alex: I do... over easy

East Coast or West Coast?
Drew: I can’t decide on that. The East coast kind of sucks compared to the west coast but New York City is the greatest city in the world.

Alex: I like New York, but only New York.

Dogs or Cats?
Both: Dogs

Would you rather be a one hit wonder or a cult hero?
Drew: I mean we have had one hit so far…
Alex: Cult Hero for sure.

Franks or Tobasco?
Both: Franks!

Would you rather be naked in a blizzard or in a snow suit in a heat wave?
Drew: I have actually been naked in a blizzard, so that one.

Alex: Being hot sucks, so blizzard.

IPhone or Droid?
Both: IPhone

Would you rather be stuck between two crying babies for a 10 hour flight or get stung by a bee in the eye?
Drew: We just did that and I’ll take the babies for sure, stung by a bee in the eye... that would suck. You wouldn’t even be able to see.

Alex: I hate bees, so the babies for sure. I would take the babies over being stung period.

Netflix or Hulu?
Both: Netflix

White or Wheat?
Drew: I wish it was wheat, but it is white

Alex: White

Would you rather be the best player on a terrible team or the worst player on a great team?
Drew: Well championships are great, but if LeBron James couldn’t do it…I know I couldn’t.

Alex: Best player on a terrible team. I mean I like the idea of winning championships but being the worst player - that sucks.

Would you rather poop 100,000 gallons of mayo or one ninja star?
Drew: These proportions are outrageous. I would rather poop the mayonnaise, so I love mayonnaise and I wouldn’t mind consuming that – which would have to happen.

Would you rather live ten 100 year lives or one 1000 year life?
Both: 1000 year life

Outside of musical influences who do you cite as an inspiration for your music?
Drew: I am a huge Wes Anderson fan. His movies are my favorite and esthetically I really admire how every movie of his looks different but it looks like his. I think that I am not as good as he is but we aim to curate our esthetic not similarly, but I do keep that in mind because of him.

Alex: Wes Anderson is perfect. Even though we didn’t write the song about Kanye West, that guy is awesome. There are very few artists that are that outspoken ad deliver consistently and have a vision of what they want to be. And, he doesn’t let anyone comprise that – and that is awesome. I don’t agree with everything he says but it is cool to have someone on our generation that is doing what he is doing.

What city has the best after show experience? Where are you finding the most fun?
Drew: I feel Vancouver is really dope, but we have never gone to an after party. Because every time we play there we are cursed. This time we are playing Vancouver was the first time we would have time to check out Vancouver and we are literally leaving the night of our set.

Alex: Los Angeles because everything closes early so there are always after parties there. New York (City) is fun because it is our home.

You guys have been busting out a lot of remixes. Do you do that to get a catalog of music out there quickly?
Drew: We do it because it is fun and easy. And, we get to work with smaller indie artists that we wouldn’t work with other wise.

What is the last movie you saw in theaters?
Drew: I saw Mad Max. I thought it was incredible.

Alex: I saw Jurassic World two nights ago. For what it was it was I enjoyed it.

What is your ideal day?
Drew: It would involve some water sport, either wakeboarding or surfing, then cooking out and grilling some shit.

Alex: That’s a pretty damn good day, and you know just throw in a joint, a movie and a blowjob.

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