Posted Jul 15th, 2015 (1:00 pm) by Staff
Electric Forest Festival - Day Three
Image by Zak Littrell

On Day Four of Electric Forest, the last thing you want to think about is leaving. I tried my best to keep my mind off this by spending most of the day checking out the forest, trying to find things I hadn't seen yet. You will never see all of the forest in one trip, giving you another reason to come back next year.

Tripolee stage became packed with people eager to see the beautiful Australian trap queen Alison Wonderland throw down. Her energy brought out the best of the crowd who took very kindly to her smashing remixes and originals. Excited to play her own tracks for us, it was very refreshing to see an artist act giddy on the microphone and come down from the DJ booth to rock out with the crowd for a bit. She was pleased with the crowds response to the song she had “just made in my hotel room with a small MIDI and computer” and encouraged the producers in the audience to keep working hard. Another lady of bass, Tokimonsta, took the stage next, donning neon blue/green hair and giving the crowd a disclaimer that she would start slow and build her set up; many seemed down.

A break for dinner and before we knew it the sun was setting in Sherwood Court while we danced to the tropical vibes of LA's Goldroom. Josh Legg and crew premiered their live band this year and seriously impressed throughout their set, finishing out with the very popular “Embrace” from their recent It's Like You Never Went Away EP.

I dashed back to Tripolee to catch Black Tiger Sex Machine, Montreal's flashy tiger helmet wearing trio. Many were curious what the “Great Glow Flash Mob” was going to be (it was billed under their name on the schedule). Four hot air balloons took to the air, hovering above and surrounding the Tripolee stage, fire igniting inside the balloon causing a beautiful glow all around the area. It was a dazzling production to go along with their music which reminded me of a trap heavier The Glitch Mob. Ecstatic for the final nights headliner, I hurried back across the whole festival making some pit stops along the way at Goldroom's DJ set at the Forest stage, and even better setting for his tropical house sounds. I also stopped over at the new stages the Hangar and Jubilee, to catch a little of Bart & Baker and Dam-Funk.

Big Gigantic took the stage to close out Electric Forest for a second year at Sherwood Court. Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken give off so much energy while they perform, they both look like they're going to pop a blood vessel in their necks. You never know what tracks they will mix in or what Dom is going to play live saxophone over, but you can bet on it always sounding stellar. Big Gigantic have come such a long way since the early days of the forest and they closed out the festival in the most proper of ways to tens of thousands of screaming fans. Rumors were spreading, however, that they were going to play an after party in the general admission campsite.

I clearly had to find out if this was true as I was not ready for my fifth year, the best year, of Electric Forest to end. But the glorious sounds of Dixon's Violin were still coming from inside the forest at the Observatory, lit in blue and amber lighting for his performance. The beauty of his sound and skill literally had my friends crying. We had to explore the forest for one last time to admire the nighttime beauty. From the pop-up library to the trippy room of doors, we laughed and stumbled about in the dark, slowly saying goodbye to the forest.

Words and photos by Zak Littrell

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