Posted May 12th, 2011 (4:05 pm) by Kaitlin Parry

In my last review of EOTO, I discussed how impressed I was with their growth as a band, their ability to adapt to various styles and genres but still keeping themselves wholly in the music. Yet, instead of expanding their musical sound, they expanded their visual onstage performance this time around. They did so not only by providing a projection of cartoons, cut outs, animation and abstract movement, but also doing it in a way that they themselves became a part of the projection. They mesh the musical with the visual aspects, as if to say "what you see and hear is the same, and we are just a part of creating the final product." Everytime a talented band comes to New York, the show I see always tops the previous one I saw, and the fans grow larger and crazier with each different show.

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