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The Speakermix Vol. 5: Sun Glitters
Image by Sun Glitters
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After last month's highlight of Work Drugs, this month's Speakermix features a new mix from Sun Glitters.

Sun Glitters is the musical project of Luxembourg's Victor Ferreira, whose most recent release was this year's Scattered Into Light. His upcoming projects include an art book called "Vanished Moments" with pictures he has done between 2011 and 2014, including a soundtrack with one-minute songs featuring other artists invited to write a song for each picture. In addition, Mush Records will release the Fading Days EP with the four bonus tracks from
the Japanese edition of Scattered Into Light.

He says of the mix:

This selection is made of songs that makes part of my everyday life and are the kind of songs which inspire me a lot in my works, as well! Of course, there are lots more, but I'm trying to keep the idea to have always 14 tracks on my mixtapes, which is related to the number of the day I'm born…

1. CloudDead - The Teen Keen Skip
2. Botany - Birdlife
3. Clams Casino - Lvl [A$AP Rocky]
4. RIVKA - Gone
5. I Break Horses - Winter Beats
6. Gold Panda - Enoshima
7. Hannes Rasmus - An einem Donnerstag im September
8. Mount Kimbie - Made To Stray
9. Jon Hopkins - Form By Firelight
10. Baths - Ossuary
11. Steffaloo feat. Sun Glitters - When I'm Happy
12. Sofia Kourtesis - Abue
13. Bibio - Look at Orion!
14. Boards Of Canada - Sick Times

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