Posted Jan 5th, 2015 (9:00 am) by Staff
The Speakermix Vol. 14: TEEEL
Image by Jim Smith
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Last month, we experienced the Perfect Havoc Disco Mixtape 002 + Speakermix Vol. 13 with Adam Griffin. This month, we get another aural adventure from electronic producer/songwriter TEEEL.

Constructing music in a teal painted room, Jim Smith, better known as TEEEL, creates a variety of electronic-based soundscapes. From the darker corners of electronica to otherworldy sounds of indie pop and synthwave, TEEEL takes inspiration from the '80s New Age Movement. After producing three original LP's, TEEEL switched his focus to creating smaller EP's and videos to get music out quicker for fans. Smith is also the founder of label Synth Records and iheartsynths.com.

TEEEL works on a variety of remixes. He describes his process, "Generally, I'll just use the vocal tracks and try to re-imagine the song to give it the TEEEL touch, but still remaining inline with the original concept. I'm a big fan of heavy and rigid drums, dark MOOG synthesizer bass, reverb guitar and lush, creamy synths"

Track List:

  1. The New Division Feat. Keep Shelly in Athens - Night Escape (TEEEL Remix)
  2. Sun Glitters - Closer To The Sun (TEEEL Remix)
  3. Falcon Lake - Moving On (TEEEL Remix)
  4. Ian McGlynn - Gold Morning Mend (TEEEL Remix)
  5. Starfawn - Greenlight (TEEEL Remix)
  6. Com Truise - Iwywaw (TEEEL Remix)
  7. Sameblod - Suddenly (TEEEL Remix)
  8. Spanish Prisoners - Rich Blood (TEEEL Remix)
  9. Brothertiger - I've Been Waiting (TEEEL Remix)
  10. Work Drugs - Third Wave (TEEEL Remix)
  11. Olga Kouklaki - Antivirus (TEEEL Remix)
  12. Selebrities - Forgotten (TEEEL Remix)
  13. Estate - Slipstream (TEEEL Remix)
  14. Ana Lola Roman - Telegram (TEEEL Remix)
  15. Skeleton Beach - Half Life (TEEEL Remix)
  16. Vanessa Daou - Nooka Revolution (TEEEL Remix)
  17. Monster Rally - Story Ends (TEEEL Remix)
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