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Guest Post: John Kowalski of Solar Bears
Image by Dorje de Burgh

This feature is a collaboration with photographer Dorje de Burgh, who has co-curated the selections below and provided the original shots. We tried to narrow down our favorite music from our country, which is quite difficult to do these days, since there is so much coming through from each scene.

Morgan Buckley

Taken from the strains of Cluster, Sun Ra, and Arthur Russell. Another exponent of genuine experimentation and exploration, unconcerned by modern fashions or trends. We love the elements of music concrete in its underbelly and how the structure is more cyclical and unresolved than the standard tension/release format. Much like krautrock godfathers Can, he is able to channel a hypnotic, unrelenting fervour.


Our first track is from a duo named Ships who released a 7 inch single with Berlin based label Stratosfear this year. It stands out for two reasons, the level of the production and the fact it contains one of the best vocalists around. We could have gone for the A-side "Space Inside" but the follow up song "None Of It Real" is just as strong. The arrangement is flawless and it emerges so smoothly that you forget about how it was created in the first place, you can simply accept it as a singularity.


Full on beauty. Lumigraph has been getting props from all quarters for a while now. He released on Opal Tapes from New York and his signature cassette crunch has travelled far already. Influenced by west coast hip hop ala Flying Lotus and vintage techno, combining experimentation and solid grooves. Tipping his hat to John Cage and Steve Reich in passing. Please do keep tabs on his releases on cassette tape in particular as it suits his style perfectly.

Sunken Foal

Sci-fi electronica with eastern rhythms. This is the one track we kept returning to from his self released LP "Friday Syndrome Volume 2". He is an untypical music maker in that he seems to go on tangents unexpectedly with no conscious thought involved. Freeing and peerless. His album "Fallen Arches" on Planet Mu is an absolute must in our opinion as are his remixes for R.S.A.G and Goodtime.


Deep house created by another Dublin duo. It is fairly minimal in approach but not lacking in depth or emotion. I believe this will be on an upcoming EP and we cannot wait to hear the rest. Heavy on atmospherics and repetition in an almost mantric fashion, relying less on melody whilst pushing texture to the fore. Without question a band to savour.


Now for something altogether different. Calling to mind the glory days of Creation Records and pioneering guitar bands like Dinosaur Jr are newly formed Princess, a duo from Dublin. They lean towards the realm of shoegaze and vintage indie rock as well as slyly nodding to noise pop. It's very early days for Liam and Aoife but we are both highly curious what the next few years has in store for them.

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