Posted Dec 22nd, 2014 (9:00 am) by Francesca Lillie
The Best and Interesting Aspects of Experimental Music - Opinion
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When I tell people one of my favorite genres is experimental I get the puzzled look asking the question “why.” We’ve all been exposed to bizarre songs that have no cohesion and sounds more like noise than any type of music. I’ve personally noticed this is the general assumption of what the experimental genre is when I speak to people. Like every other genre, experimental has its hits and misses but you shouldn’t let a bad experience or two keep you from a genre filled with innovative and beautiful music. These are some of the best facets to experimental music.

There needs to be an experimental aspect to any genre of music to create something truly new. This highly creative piece to music is what makes some of the best musicians stand out. Tinariwen, a Grammy winning band from the Sahara Desert, introduced the guitar to the genre and style of music they play. The addition of the guitar intensifies the soulful sound Tinariwen gives. You wouldn’t know that the guitar was uncommon in music in that culture by the way Tinariwen plays. That’s one of the best features of experimentation in music, when done exceptionally, it doesn’t sound like an oddity, but it makes you wonder why it hasn’t been done already.

A lot of experimental musicians use every day noises and turn them into interesting, likable works of music. Artists who make experimental music look outside the box and this can produce aurally awesome results. On her recent album Sparks, Imogen Heap’s “Cycle Song” was composed of sounds heard in Bhutan. In part of the song, there are people chanting in the language of Bhutan. It sounds like it was done for the song specifically, but it’s actually a recording of nuns praying. You can check out the video of the making of the song below with all the unique sounds Heap used. While the sounds are definitely uncommon in music, they don’t sound that way, marking an excellent use of music experimentation.

There’s a high level of innovation with experimental music. From instruments, to vocal techniques, and to the way they preform, people who experiment with music want to push the boundaries and make something new. For jazz rap, improv group Face Candy, every show they did was of new songs. They made songs while on stage. Freestyling, beatboxing, a bass guitar, and drums were how they created music. This is rarer form of experimenting, but it shows the level of creativity and limitlessness of the genre.

Experimentation is needed in order to create remarkable music. Experimental musicians are visionaries who use every day sounds or unique techniques to create their music. Experimental music is inventive and limitless. Although this can be a mark for disaster, when thought-out, we’re left with incredible music to enjoy. While some people tend to shy away from this genre, it’s worth embracing the exclusive music and aspects no other genre offers.

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