Posted Apr 18th, 2014 (4:31 pm) by Theresa Flanagan
Local Natives
Image by Theresa Flanagan

"This feels like a fucking house party…it's awesome!" That's how guitar/vocalist Taylor Rice of Local Natives said hello to Jacksonville after they opened their set with "Breakers" off of their latest record Hummingbird. It's been over a year since they released new material and they're still managing to sell out venues on their headlining tour, which kicked off this last week. We caught them at their last of three dates in Florida at Freebird Live.

Los Angeleno Moses Sumney is touring with Local Natives for the month of April, and his self-described "kind of down" music is a great opening act. He uses his guitar sparingly, relying mainly on some straight up epic looping of his own vocals to build up some amazing soul-folk. He's self-taught and a great performer, definitely an artist to keep an eye out for. Besides his own original material, Sumney played his take on Majical Cloudz "Childhood's End."Check out his live take of "Replaceable" below, then head over to his Soundcloud for more if you like what you hear.

Moses Sumney Replaceable from MOCHILLA on Vimeo.

As mentioned, Local Natives kicked things off with "Breakers," and kept things going for a full 18 song set (you can check out the set-list in the pictures below). There's nothing quite like a great band playing to a full house, especially one as receptive as the crowd that filled the 700 person capacity venue in Jacksonville Beach. Freebird Live was originally opened as a café featuring, you guessed it, a whole lot of Lynyrd Skynyrd memorabilia. It's since transitioned to a concert venue with an upper level railed balcony overlooking the stage. That's probably what contributed to the "house party" feel that Rice referred to. This was Local Natives first show in Jacksonville, and they promised they will be returning following the release of their third record. It's definitely still in the early stages, but the quintet has started working on material for their next release. Besides Rice, Local Natives is made of Kelcey Ayer (vocals, keyboards, percussion, guitar), Ryan Hahn (guitar, keyboards, mandolin, vocals), Matt Frazier (drums) and Nik Ewing (bass).

Since Gorilla Manor and Hummingbird have both been out for some time, there weren't really any surprises in the set list, but there were plenty of crowd favorites. You can see for yourself, but the band organizes their set well, mixing their more pensive, psyched out tracks in with anthemic sing-alongs and instrumental jams, creating a good flow. Though there was no new original material, Local Natives recently took part in a celebration of the release of Johnny Cash's lost album Out Among the Stars and they have made their cover of the title track a part of the set list. Check out La Blogotheque's film with The Killers' Brandon Flowers and Father John Misty as well below.

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