Posted Dec 1st, 2014 (9:44 am) by James Hughes
What Everyone Needs To Know About The Front Row
Image by Bethany Rees/DOLA Photography

The dream of many fans is to see their favorite artist, or group, front row center. But, with great fandom comes great responsibility. These are the top three things everyone needs to know about the best seat in the house.

Through my experience I have found that the front row can be a place of patience and absolute chaos. The time one fan has to commit to the front row spot, plus the chaos that comes with the crowd behind you, can make for a long night. Firstly, if you want to get the front row spot get ready to watch some openers. The opening acts are there to warm up you up and get you ready for the main event. When I went to see Big Gigantic for the first Dom and Jeremy were performing on a small stage with a white, plastic table, the front row was a piece of cake. Later that next year I was attending my second Gathering of the Vibes I was subjected to a foot race by countless members if the Vibe Tribe to reach the waist high fencing. I missed the opportunity to explore what the venue was offering me. I waited around for about an hour and a half just to get to the front of one show at a quality festival hosting a selection of high quality musicians. The front row provides an unobstructed view of the live performance, but for the fan looking to get that number one spot, beware of the ravenousfans that can beat you to the show by getting there hours before doors.

So, don’t get frustrated if you get there and there is already a line. Not everyone is there to be front and center.

At any venue, whether it is a sold-out crowd or 100 people in a basement, a member of the front row attendees have to be wary of the crowd behind them. Being in the front row attracts copious fans looking to poach your spot the second you step to the bar. To escape the ravenous real estate snatchers that makes up the entire crowd behind you. Granted, there are smaller venues where hopping in and out of the crowd is an option. But, get ready to not hit the bar or the bathroom for possibly the entire show. The fight back to the front row is work, especially with two beers in hand. If you’re with your friends, having one person in the group go at a time can help secure your spot, and you can just ask a friend to grab you that cold one.

Thirdly, be ready for the noise. The front row boasts the best view and also the best sound. I have been to shows where my ears were right next to the speakers and my ears rang for what felt like days. The loudest point on the venue can be made better with just one simple precaution: ear plugs. It is plain and simple, you will still be able to hear everything that is going on when you are that close to the speakers. Ears are a delicate organ and the damage that can be incurred upon the ear is extensive. Ear plugs are the easiest precaution anyone can take.

For those looking to stay alive during their next front row experience, remember my three tips; expect a line no matter how early you think you are, get ready for a battle upfront, and always use protection.

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