Posted Oct 6th, 2012 (6:10 pm) by Sarah Wilson
MUTEMATH in Pittsburgh
Image by Sarah L Wilson

What a fun night!

First…for the 100th time say…do not skip the opener. I was nearly guilty of it this show. I was running late and had trouble finding parking so I only caught the last 15 minutes of The Quiet Entertainer, a Nashville based electronic music creator and producer. A saucy-fun run of music and mixing with a sense of humor and a great touch for pulling one beat into the next. Don’t believe me? Check out his MUTEMATH “Odd Soul” remix down below.

Next up was the South African band Civil Twilight. Again..don’t skip the openers. Civil Twilight are a great blend of smooth, danceable sound and mellow atmospheric vibes with splashes of old school rock and roll. They've managed to have found a way to be epic and understated at the same time. Their dance-inducing “Fire Escape” was definitely one of the standout tracks they played. They sounded great through their set and their grand-but-understated presentation was a nice transition between QE and MUTEMATH.

MUTEMATH took the stage via a pass through the audience stage right. Banging drums and chanting crowds accompanied them up to the stage where the chants became a wave of cheers as the band started up with “Typical” and the cheers became the sound of a packed venue singing. In a packed and varied set list 22 songs long, you’re going to find something for everyone.

A balance of older tracks (2004’s “Control”) and newer ones to include their most recent “Allies,” kept the show moving and the crowd singing. This was probably one of the more entertaining shows I've had the pleasure of seeing. Drummer Darren King had a splashing good time (see below) and there was Paul Meany’s crowd walks and UFO crowd surf (again, see below). Let’s face it, anyone who can rock the keyboard guitar and still look cool is doing something right! Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas, bassist among other talents, jammed at the edge of the stage to thunderous approval and smartly suited guitarist Todd Gummerman kept his cool, making the whole thing look and sound so smooth and easy!

MUTEMATH sounded great and the show was fun to watch and more importantly...to be a part of. I left with a huge smile and a load of confetti stuck in my hair! Along with a sense that I really saw something special in all three acts that night. All three acts with similarities as distinct as their differences so in the end, they all complimented each other perfectly.

There’s a few more dates left in the Northeast on this tour, more for the southern tier. Go if you can and remember….don’t skip the openers!

Quiet Entertainer Remix MUTEMATH “Odd Soul”

Civil Twilight “Fire Escape”


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