Posted Aug 11th, 2011 (12:35 am) by Derek Duoba
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Normally, I prefer to review acts that I actually like. I mean, where’s the fun in attending (and subsequently writing about) shows that bore you to tears? Thankfully, Breakfast in Fur is certainly not a band which I could ever associate the word “boring” with. Of course, any of the sixty-or-so folks at their show in Troy, NY this past June, as well as those who follow music in New York (and, no, I don’t mean the city), could tell you just how entertaining these New Paltz natives are. Breakfast in Fur is part of a group of immensely talented, but criminally underpraised musicians from all over The Empire State; artists which are passed over because they’re either not from the New York City music scene or don’t have the budget to launch a wide-ranging PR campaign.

One part sweet-sounding indie pop and another part synth-driven melody, Breakfast in Fur didn’t just prove that they are as talented as their downstate cousins, they outshined them. The forty-five minute set began with perhaps their most well-known track, “I Don’t Care.” Dan Wolf crooned softly, while the rest of the band laid down melodies reminiscent of a less atmospheric, more charming Phantogram. The songs that followed were chock full of quirky, yet appropriately placed percussion that sounded right at home in The Daily Grind. From time to time, Dan traded off vocal responsibilities with band mate and girlfriend, Kaitlin Van Pelt; her voice adding a sad, beautiful dimension to Breakfast in Fur’s sound. By the end of the performance, I was convinced that I’d become privy to one of indie’s best kept secrets.

Breakfast in Fur is one of those rare bands that ends up flying under the radar of most music listeners, but completely blows away anyone who digs them up. This is due, in no small part, to the fact that they hail from an area which is not particularly well-known for musical talent. And, they’re not alone. In fact, greater New York plays host to dozens of phenomenal, underpublicized acts. While it might take a bit of searching to find these upstate gems, the effort is well worth it. Take some time to listen to Breakfast in Fur (or, better yet, go see them live), and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

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