Posted on August 26th, 2009 (1:59 pm) by Kevin Lopez

For those not familiar with how Randolph Chabot (a Detroit native, and the mastermind behind Deastro) operates, he spins much of his expression from a laptop using samples, electronic tinker toys, and the like. His live band, however, features a quartet consisting of Chabot, a bassist/keyboardist, guitarist, and drummer who make for a completely different listening experience than what you would hear off any of his records. But whether onstage or in the studio Chabot’s music is largely synth-styled. Deastro adds the beats of Orange Swimmer Red Summer to his electropop repertoire just a few months after the release of his latest LP, Moondagger. Most of the tracks on this little sampling clock in between two and four minutes, give or take. They may be brief, but they have the aural decadence of a fun-size piece of ear candy.

“Shield Whip” hails from the early 80’s movement of rock in all it's overblown and tricked out glory; drum machines, synthesizers, and vocal reverb all included. Within the first minute, I was envisioning a penciled-in music video highly reminiscent of “Take On Me,” the song's deliciously dated sound invoking a dreamy feeling of nostalgia. “Orange Swimmer” partners itself well with “Shield Whip.” Again, the 80’s sound is predominant throughout, but there are slight hints of modern electronica padding in given segments. We have the synth, breezy vocals, and the good old drum machine making a triumphant return in this track.

This time capsule of an EP jumps forward a few years with “Red Summer,” featuring some hip-hop influence. The processed drum sound loses its metronomic feel, but rather adopts a funky ahead-of-the-beat drive. The track is distant and cymbal heavy, and is immersed in different shades of sound. Compared to its predecessors, there’s not a lot of breathing room, save for a few brief pauses where the reverb cuts out for but a brief moment.

The rest of the songs on the EP almost feel like filler of sorts. Chabot adapted vocals to only a select few of them, and seemed to otherwise throw back-of-the-mind ideas from between his fingers for the others. Nevertheless, the spacey ambience of the other tracks is well composed. I have a feeling that this collection archives creations that weren’t quite ready to be released on Moondagger, but it certainly serves as nice sampling of Chabot’s musical portfolio. Plus, it’s free.

To get your hands on Orange Swimmer Red Summer,” head on over to Deastro’s blog: http://deastroband.blogspot.com/

Track List:
1.Shield Whip (2:42)
2.Asteroid Goo (3:13)
3.Seven Fell from the Firmament (3:52)
4.Orange Swimmer (2:45)
5.Red Summer (4:13)
6.Encounter With Unknown Substance M (3:20)
7.Acid Dads_Melting Public Pools (2:32)
8.Reaction to Substance M Causes the Rapid Growth of Consciousness (1:38)
9.MUTANT BOY (2:40)

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