Posted Mar 17th, 2010 (7:11 pm) by Mathew Plotnick

David Byrne has been just about everywhere, and done just about everything a musician could do. At the age of 58, he has released about twenty albums between his solo career, his work with Brian Eno, and his most famous records with The Talking Heads.

Every year you can guarantee that he will be working on something, and this year we can look forward to his soundtrack for the musical Here Lies Love with Fatboy Slim. Recently, the prolific musician has been spotted working with today’s indie music giants, including Dirty Projectors, Justin Vernon, and frequently with St. Vincent. David Byrne recently announced through his personal online journal, that he was working on a project with St. Vincent, though it isn’t something we can look forward to any time soon. The musical duo decided to begin this collaboration at the Housing Works show which featured Dirty Projectors and Bjork. They’ve written about eight songs so far, featuring a brass ensemble as the core band.

Due to Annie Clark's busy tour schedule and David Byrne's already hectic life, there is no timetable for any album quite yet. However if Clark's take on "Breathing," which featured David Byrne, is any example of what this music could end up sounding like, you can consider the music world ecstatic and excited to hear more.

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