Posted Jul 28th, 2009 (1:46 am) by John-Ross Boyce

Internet denizens, Robot aficionados, and rump-rattling Francophiles are already well aware that Daft Punk will be scoring 2011's Tron Legacy – the long-awaited sequel to 1982's Tron. What they can't possibly know yet is that Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are so proud of their work on the film score that they might just be persuaded to take it out on the road. In a “mysterious pancake breakfast” with director Joseph Kosinski, the duo stated that, at the very least, there would be Daft Punk/Tron-related events on the horizon. It was further reported that de Homem-Christo and Bangalter wore their iconic robot helmets to the aforementioned breakfast, giving credence to speculations that Daft Punk are, in reality, stereophonic dance cyborgs, and all that expensive equipment surrounding them is merely a cover.

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