Posted on November 7th, 2008 (3:00 pm) by Travis Müller

If you're looking for some new music that sounds reminiscent of the work that California-founded duo Matmos did for Icelandic pop star Björk, then you best check out the new eponymous EP by Denmark artist called.. Only three tracks long, this EP is a solid piece of minimalist electronica with a real presence.

"O", "N", and "E" mark the song titles, and each track is impressive at that. The problem with ambient-based music is that it can easily fall into the trap of sounding overly repetitive. Perhaps it's because this release is so short, but each track has its own sense of style while keeping a peaceful state at its core. Composed of soft, pulsating beats, these tracks simply float and are easy to listen to.

Picking out just one track from three is difficult, especially since listening to these songs as ONE really makes a strong impact—but N is the stand-out piece on this EP. Appropriately placed in the middle of the release, N is a great combination of the opener and of the closer. It's a good pace for the music, and everything just seems to fit very well.

You can currently download the release for free HERE as well as Last.FM.


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