Posted on July 22nd, 2008 (12:00 am) by Derek Duoba

The second Broken Social Scene Presents record finds itself produced and written by the prolific indie rocker Brendan Canning. As one of the founding members of Broken Social Scene, Canning has already become a household name amongst indie enthusiasts. His debut solo album, entitled Something for All of Us sounds rather similar to prior releases by Broken Social Scene as one might expect. However, this album tends to be less experimental than most of the Toronto-based collective's releases. For example, the first single from the album, Hit the Wall, remains firmly within the age-old verse-chorus-bridge structure. Of course, this is hardly a bad thing, as Canning's vocals flow in an almost ethereal manner through the folky psychedelic rock that tends to follow him wherever he goes.

Via Canning's masterful ability to craft music, the eleven tracks on Something for Everything come together to make up a great album, especially if you like Broken Social Scene. Throughout the course of the record, it becomes extremely apparent that most if not all of BSS was involved in the production thereof. If it weren't for the presence of Canning's vocal influence on every track, this record could easily be mistaken for another record by his main band. Once again, considering the depth and talent that Broken Social Scene brings along with it, this aspect is far from negative.

In reality, the only part of Something for All of Us that some may find boring lies in its tenancy to be stylistically repetitive. However, like I said previously, if you like Broken Social Scene, you are probably already familiar with the style of this album, and chances are, you enjoy it. Even if you haven't heard Broken Social Scene or any of Canning's other productions, this album shines as a near perfect example of the Toronto indie scene. After all, what would a title like Something for All of Us be if anyone were left out in the cold?

Track List

1. "Something for All of Us" - 5:34
2. "Chameleon" - 4:52
3. "Hit the Wall" - 4:51
4. "Snowballs & Icicles" - 2:49
5. "Churches Under the Stairs" - 4:20
6. "Love Is New" - 4:07
7. "Antique Bull" - 3:43
8. "All the Best Wooden Toys Are Made in Germany" - 2:53
9. "Possible Grenade" - 4:40
10. "Been at It So Long" - 5:09
11. "Take Care, Look Up" - 5:17


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