Posted Feb 5th, 2010 (12:10 am) by Nicholas Henderson

As music fans of all shapes and sizes gear up for what, to some, will be the most important announcement of the year - the 2010 Bonnaroo lineup - some of us have already gotten some pretty promising news in the form of Wayne Coyne's announcement that not only will the Flaming Lips be playing 'Roo, but they'll be playing both a regular set and a reprise of their live cover-to-cover performance of Pink Floyd's quintessential stoner epic, Dark Side of The Moon.

What more can be said about Dark Side of The Moon? Since you'll never get to see it performed by Pink Floyd, you might as well get out and see it performed by one of the best bands working today. We're hoping that's just the tip of the Bonnaroo iceberg, though. Even if the Lips are enough of a deal-breaker to make your Bonnaroo sales final, be sure to check back here on February 9th for the full lineup.

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