Posted Dec 11th, 2009 (6:24 pm) by Henry Harboe

Justin Vernon, the lead songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and overall "image" of folk-masters, Bon Iver, has announced he will be releasing a new live album called A Decade With Duke. The album is a collaboration between Vernon and high school jazz ensemble Eau Claire Memorial Jazz 1. Why, you ask, is the man behind one of the decades most critically acclaimed albums, For Emma, Forever Ago, playing with a bunch of teenage pip-squeaks and not me, or you, or everyone else we know? As it turns out, the Eau Claire, Wisconsin high school is where Justin Vernon attended some of his earlier years. Featuring songs from For Emma such as "Lump Sum" and "For Emma," the album also sees Vernon performing jazz classics such as "Lady Is a Tramp" and "Bewitched." More on this after the jump.

A Decade With Duke originally came to be because Vernon wanted to find a creative way to help raise money to send the Eau Claire Jazz Band to New York. They were to take part in one of the most prestigious contests in the city, the "Essentially Ellington" competition. They made enough money to take the trip, and took home a third place trophy.

Now, more specifically, the album is being released both physically and digitally. However, the CD is only available from Brickhouse Music, Morgan Music, and from the Volume One office in the Eau Claire area. For those outside of Wisconsin, a digital copy is available from various online retailers. The tracklisting for the album, A Decade With Duke, lies below.

Track List for A Decade With Duke
Essentially Ellington Set:
01. Wind Machine
02. Symphony In Riffs
03. Moon Over Cuba
04. Happy Go Lucky Local
05. Portrait of Louie Armstrong (Featuring Bruce Hering)
06. Bye Bye Blackbird

Justin Vernon Set:
01. Lump Sum
02. Rocks in My Bed (Featuring Addie Strei)
03. Bewitched
04. Miss Otis Regrets
05. For Emma
06. Lady Is a Tramp
07. Since I Fell For You (Featuring Mike Noyce)
08. Satisfied Mind

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