Posted on January 9th, 2009 (1:57 pm) by Amelia England

Get your Spiderman masks out kids – the Bloody Beetroots have just released another banger!

The title of the EP, Cornelius alludes to British novelist Michael Moorcock’s The Cornelius Quartet, a series of novels centered on the continuous reincarnations of the character Jerry Cornelius. The character must be particularly appealing to the Bloody Beetroots duo; they’ve taken on this “secret” multimedia project influenced by the sexual ambiguity, intrigue, violence, shiftiness, and the punk attitude that he embodies throughout the series. This EP is the musical aspect of this project, fronted by Cornelius-Rifo, the alter ego of Jerry Cornelius.

The dark plan for the Bloody Beetroots’ full length Cornelius has yet to be revealed. For now, we have the Cornelius EP, four thunderous variations of the title track and a dramatic “Death of Cornelius” overture. At best, this endeavor has intriguing post-modern elements in its chaos, abrasive punk aesthetic, and attention to the appropriation and reinterpretation of musical ideologies. The base track has a satisfying weight and interesting orchestration, and all four variations would be appropriate for any number of drunken nights. At its worst, however, the album could be considered another dumb extreme of mash-up, one that has lost all organic accessibility by using the “conceptual electronica” excuse. None of the variations, for example, seem to hold a distinctive attitude in comparison to one another.

Within the two extremes, however, the Cornelius EP has promising substantiality. I wouldn’t put it on my playlist of songs to make brunch to, but I’d be happy to stumble (a little tipsy) into a packed nightclub in New York and find a couple of guys in Spiderman masks playing “Cornelius (Mix Oi!)” for a crowd of party goers. The four versions of the “Cornelius” base track show the band’s awareness of its genre’s ideology, perhaps by calling attention to the loss of soul and substance in the clubbing scene, but embracing the thrill and hysteria of nights where one might be strobe-(lighted) to death.

All things considered, the Cornelius EP offers a tantalizing taste of things to come from The Bloody Beetroots. If you don’t want to wait for the album, pick this up and let it bang!

Track List:

1. Cornelius (Radio Oi!)
2. Cornelius (Mix Oi!)
3. Cornelius (Radio Instrumental)
4. Cornelius (Mix Instrumental)
5. The Death of Cornelius (Overture)


Cornelius Video

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