Posted Sep 30th, 2009 (1:41 pm) by John-Ross Boyce

Once again, Nathan Williams of the lo-fi band Wavves is in the spotlight for something not entirely musical. This time, unlike at last summer's onstage meltdown at Barcelona's Primavera Sound, Williams is not the only asshole involved.

According to repoorts from all over, Williams and Jared Swilley of Black Lips got into a brawl on September 25th at Daddy's, a popular Brooklyn nightspot. Several months back Swilley made a few very disparaging remarks vis-a-vis Wavves on the Internet, which we suppose is becoming more and more of a serious offense these days. Although the two avoided a confrontation at Pitchfork over the summer, the limited space of Daddy's, along with a liberal flow of booze and the self-importance of mid-level indie musicians, created a perfect forum for the spilling of blood.

One eyewitness did not see the initial confrontation, only “people dragging [Williams] and [Swilley] apart, and then [Swilley] and a popular DJ running at [Williams] again, spilling beer all over everyone and punches being thrown.” The witness reported that a blood-covered Swilley and his accomplice were still attempting to fight people outside the bar, even after police arrived on the scene. It was believed at the time that Williams was the one who had rendered Swilley so bloody, although Williams himself has not taken credit.

A terse statement from Williams was released the next day. “Talking shit about me on the Internet is one thing, I can handle that all day but when some dude is looking for a fight at 4 in the morning talking shit to my face and his girlfriend is spitting in the face of all my friends it's a whole different story.” Williams went on to say that he had no specific problems with Black Lips as a band, merely that “[Swilley] has been at me every chance he had”. Citing minor injuries sustained by Swilley, Wiliams simply stated “He got what was coming to him.”

In an extremely polemic statement of his own, Swilley alleged to remember the incident differently: “That faggot [Williams] didn't even touch me. I've never 'come after' that kid, it wasn't four a.m., it wasn't my girlfriend, no one was spitting, and I didn't attack him. I don't give a shit about him or his music.” In his version of the story, Swilley merely walked up to Williams and said “You're that faggot from Wavves and I don't like you.” The Black Lips bassist/vocalist then stepped outside where Wavves tour manager “started getting all chuckles with [Swilley].” A brief altercation follwed, after which the tour manager reportedly hit Swilley in the face with a bottle. The men outside then commenced to kicking the fallen Swilley until he blacked out and was removed from the scene.

Although Swilley maintains that Williams had nothing to do with the actual physical fight, this will not prevent Williams from receiving some form of comeuppance. Swilley ended his statement “[Williams is] coming to Atlanta October 3rd and we're gonna get ugly on him. We're gonna destroy their van, we're gonna destroy their faces, we're gonna get crazy on em'. Nasty style.”

A follow-up statement from Williams did not address the threats. Williams simply pointed out that he has a broken wrist, which would logically be from fighting, while again reminding fans that he was simply trying to have a good time and was forced to defend himself. He closed his remarks by stating the obvious - “This shit is so stupid”. We at IYS couldn't agree more.

As far as comedic value goes, two hipsters slapping each other around pales in comparison to the Beretta-heavy rapper duels of yore. Or the brutal stabbings in the early nineties Norwegian Black Metal scene. Swilley? Williams? You guys better take a tip from Varg Vikernes if you want us to take your little tussles seriously.

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