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The three presenting giants of old; Steve Lamacq, Mark Radcliffe and John Peel have all held some epic recording sessions with a slew of artists. These sessions have always been loved by Radio 1 listeners, especially the John Peel sessions. Over 2000 artists recorded over 4000 sessions for him during his 37 years on the BBC, and Belle & Sebastian fall into this group rather nicely. This album contains 4 tracks from a 2001 Peel Session (the last four on the album), 5 tracks from a 1997 Steve Lamacq session and a complete 1996 Mark Radcliffe session.

For an album comprised of live studio work, it sounds surprisingly well produced, and is not full of out-takes, mistakes, and laughter, as the BBC live albums are (See: Live Lounge). I'm not sure if this is a credit to Belle & Sebastian, or to the people who mixed the album down, but my guess is that it's a mixture of the two.

New fans and old fans alike will enjoy this collection of Belle & Sebastian classics, and the hardcore fans will absolutely love the second CD (a 2001 recording of a Belfast Christmas show), as it is full of covers, and if the first CD lacks in authenticity and realism, the second CD makes up for this with its totally live feel and energy fueled tracks.

If you're a fan of Belle & Sebastian, I strongly suggest you go and buy this album, it's not to be missed, and is a good rendition of B & S through the ages. If you haven't come across Belle & Sebastian, then it's still worth checking out. Light-hearted, wistful pop should always have a place in any music collection.

Track List:

Disk 1
01. The State I Am In 4:42
02. Like Dylan In The Movies 4:11
03. Judy And The Dream Of Horses 3:44
04. The Stars Of Track And Field 4:37
05. I Could Be Dreaming 3:49
06. Seymour Stein 4:51
07. Lazy Jane 5:37
08. Sleep The Clock Around 4:49
09. Slow Graffiti 3:06
10. Wrong Love 3:29
11. Shoot The Sexual Athlete 3:11
12. The Magic Of A Kind Word 2:27
13. Nothing In The Silence 3:49
14. (My Girl's Got) Miraculous Technique 4:28

Disk 2
01. Here Comes The Sun 4:53
02. There's Too Much Love 3:44
03. The Magic Of A Kind Word 2:24
04. Me And The Major 5:19
05. Wandering Alone 2:54
06. The Model 4:02
07. I'm Waiting For The Man 5:12
08. The Boy With The Arab Strap 5:32
09. The Wrong Girl 3:05
10. Dirty Dream #2 3:26
11. Boys Are Back In Town 5:43
12. Legal Man 4:01

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