Posted Oct 25th, 2008 (7:50 pm) by Travis Müller

There has been much speculation within the Madonna community since the Material Girl started her Sticky & Sweet World Tour back in August. Madonna, who recently turned 50, released her final studio obligation to Warner Bros. Records in April of 2008 with her album Hard Candy. Club anthem and lead-off single 4 Minutes, which featured pop-prince Justin Timberlake and highly-respected producer Timbaland, gave Madge her highest charting song since 2005's disco-inspired Hung Up. Following 4 Minutes, the Pharrell-produced track Give It 2 Me was released as the second commercial single. While the song did not match the success its predecessor had in the States, it did manage to become a Top 10 hit across the pond, peaking at #7 in England and #1 in Holland.

This left Madonna fans wondering what was going to happen next. It's no secret that more or less her entire fan base is glad that Hard Candy is her final studio album with Warner Bros., but not until after her alleged greatest hits package is released can we truly cut the ties. There was much dispute over the third single following Give It 2 Me's quiet release. Beat Goes On seemed like a probable choice, as it features Kanye "Midas" West. Then, as with any artist, fake album covers and news began to flood the forums. It wasn't until recently that we got some concrete information, proving that acoustic hip-hop track Miles Away will be the third, and most-likely final, commercial single from Hard Candy. Technically speaking, Miles Away has been a single from the get go, as the song was used as the theme to a Japanese television show. This promotional single contained no re-edited or remixed versions.

As of right now, the album version has been released as an official digital single on iTunes in Europe and in Australia, but fans elsewhere are going to have to wait until late November for a physical copy, and, for collectors such as myself, the timing couldn't have been worse. It seems that Warner has given up almost all hope on promoting their Lucky Star. The official radio edit leaked earlier this month, which cuts the opening and ending instrumentals.

Video information is scarce right now, however Warner Bros. Netherlands has confirmed that the video will be taken from the Sticky & Sweet Tour. Whether or not the video will be a compilation video or a live recording (a la her 1987 hit single Causing a Commotion) is yet to be known.

The song has peaked the highest on the Japan Hot 100, where it reached #7. Hear Madonna perform her latest single live from New York by clicking the attachment below.

Physical single release date: November 24, 2008.

Official versions of Miles Away as of 10/25/08.
Album Version - 4:48
Radio Edit - 3:43

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