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Andrea Remondini
Andrea Remondini

Hailing front Italy, musician and producer Andrea Remondini hit the ground running with his début full length project Non Sequitur.

Starting by teaching himself the piano back in the '80s, Andrea began composing electronic music on archaic computers back when he was just 12 years old. The Italian dance producer really began to bud as an artist when he joined a small Italian indie record label and began to work as an engineer and sound technician.

Through his work with the Italian label Remondni worked alongside DJ Mauro Picotto, DJ Mario Più, and Jimmy Somerville. But, after being involved in the production of a handful of Italian hits Remondini began wanting to express his own individual sound. Creating his own sound led to the production of eclectic pop melodies across a wide spectrum of sound.

"My inspiration for melodies and arrangements is much more elusive to pinpoint. Sometimes, it comes from sounds I make on my synths. Sound design is one of the activities I enjoy the most, and that often sparks melodic ideas. Things that mostly take place in the unconscious mind, I think." says Remondini.

Remondini's début album Non Sequitur consists of a singular 45 minute track that explores the diversity and individuality. Remondini self-released the album on May 29 and you can download Non Sequitur on iTunes.

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